Canada Is Opening Doors To Students

Canada Is Opening Doors To StudentsGood news for students intending to continue their education in Canada! According to an announcement of Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Canada is introducing a new, fast-track system to let foreign students and graduates with Canadian work experience become permanent eligible residents in Canada.

Unlike the other existing programs, this proposal will allow an applicant’s Canadian experience to be considered as a key selection factor when immigrating to Canada.

Are you interested in getting citizenship in Canada? Well, things just got a little easier for you with the new immigration policy that Canadian government has inherited recently. Conditions of the program are:

When completing the application, you must have a temporary resident status in Canada. Also, you must have been successful at your studies for at least two academic years. You need one year of skilled, professional or technical work experience and moderate or basic language skills, French or English. It’s important to note that the applicant would have to graduate from a post-secondary educational institution in Canada.

The necessity of this program was evident: foreign students in Canada had to move to United States due to Canadian after-graduation job program difficulties. Among many obstacles to find a job, students point out one big problem: they had only 90 days to land a job, when the process usually takes much longer.

This new program, of course, sounds much more reasonable, in comparison with the other. This is a positive step on the Canadian government’s behalf to improve immigration policy.

According to, Federal Immigration Minister Diane Finley explained:

“If we’re going to compete internationally for the best and for the brightest, we need to improve the way that we attract and retain those who want to work in their fields and contribute to Canadian society,”

Ottawa estimates that the average annual income of people selected under this new program will be $60,000 after 10 years, compared with $42,000 for someone who hadn’t worked or studied in Canada first.

Canada Is Opening Doors To Students
  • Anyhony Kennedy

    Please i have a qualification of Higher National Diploma in civil Engineering(HND) from Institute of Management and Technology enugu .I am searching for a school where i can proceed with my post graduate diploma PGD.


    Please i have a qualification of Higher National Diploma in Agric Extension And Management from Federal College of Forestry Ibadan NIGERIA .I am searching for a school where i can proceed with my post graduate diploma PGD.

  • Benedict Ikhifa

    I have a first degree in production agriculture and a masters in agric extension. Pls connect me to a school in canada where I can work as graduate assistant. Thanks. Benedict Ikhifa

  • Eva

    You can get more information by contacting the Ministry of Education in Canada, and they will give you an application to fill in. Or contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada 613-954-1064 and get all the needed information.

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